#Decoding Honesty

For a lot of us, the generic understanding of honesty in simplistic terms is to speak the truth. However, truth is not an absolute. It has to account for the situational context and perspective. Therefore our understanding of the truth requires that we interpret it as a combination of how we look at things and

#MyLove #Decoding the Qualities I seek in you

My friend and I, both practicing counsellors, for some time now have been witnessing an increasing number of couples walking in for therapy to resolve their relationship issues. When we came across the responses to the recent survey Three qualities I look for in my partner, we were struck by two important aspects: The qualities

If Earning Money Would Bring Her Self-Respect, Then Why Wasn’t She Doing It?

As the door slammed shut, Arti slumped on the floor. Feeling defeated, she wept bitterly. Moksh’s voice echoed in her ears. “Buying a flat now is out of the question! How can you even think of it? Who will pay the down payment and EMI? It’s not like you’re working and contributing anything!” 4 years