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About Us

About Bride&Gloom

I beg your pardon
I never promised you a rose garden
Along with the sunshine, there’s got to be a little rain sometimes…

Lyrics of the Lynn Anderson’s song Rose Garden have been a favourite while growing up. Yet the understanding of the true meaning of the words became clearer as we went through the trials and tribulations of our own relationship experiences.

Our personal and professional journeys have led to the genesis of Bride&Gloom. Basically, the name stems from the interpretation that while building a life of togetherness the sunny days will invariably be interspersed with rainy days as well. Also not to mention, it adds to the humorous interplay between the words Bride and Gloom.

Our Mission

We believe that a lot of difficulties in long-term relationships happen because we’re mostly reactive to issues. Relationships are not static and change is inevitable. A healthy and fulfilling relationship requires a consistent effort and temperament. It requires us to decode, clarify and understand the complexities involved in a relationship and acknowledge for the variations that are bound to arise as the relationship progresses through its lifecycle.

We envision ourselves to be catalysts in preparing individuals and couples to proactively work towards their long-term goal of sustaining a successful and meaningful relationship. We understand that relationships have its own share of difficulties and turbulence, which is inescapable. Our focused intent is to find effective ways to navigate through them. We do it through group workshops, individual and couple sessions. We believe that pre-marital preparation is a very critical first step towards building a successful marriage. 

Our Offer

As mental health counsellors, we extend our professional expertise to dealing with emotional stress and difficulty that couples face in their interactions with each other in their marriage. Our focus is to support couples to find their unique and effective ways to manage their issues within individual realities and build and maintain a healthy relationship.

Simultaneously, Bride&Gloom also works with singles by sharing information, offering guidance and direction to those who believe in a committed relationship. It is for anyone who is looking towards creating a lasting impact on their relationship.


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Pre-marital Counselling
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About Us

Bride&Gloom is an extension of Rwituja and Roneeta. We met while working for a mental health organization and formed an immediate connection. As co-workers working within this space we held the common belief that a person’s mental health is key towards living a healthy life.

A random conversation during this time, made us realize that we shared a common interest and had a similar vision– finding ways to enhance the quality of a marital relationship. This gave us the impetus to join hands, collaborate and partner to create Bride&Gloom, an initiative that aims to build meaningful and healthy relationships.

Roneeta Mukherjee

Roneeta is a trained and practicing Counsellor in the field of mental health for the last 9 years. She works extensively with people experiencing depression, relationship issues, loss & grief, adolescence and stress related difficulties. Committed to her chosen profession, her approach is to use the medium of conversation and listening to help people make meaning of their life journeys and experiences. She volunteers with a couple of NGOs in the field of mental health. She collaborates with organizations in setting up effective framework around Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the work place, with a focus on creating gender sensitization.

Her vision is to create awareness and acceptability of mental health in India. She is a Post Graduate in Management with specialization in Human Resources and holds a degree in Economics from Delhi University. She has around 15 years of experience working with multinational organizations before making the transition to this field.

Rwituja Gomes Mookherjee

Rwituja is a trained and qualified Counsellor with 6 years of work experience supporting individuals and couples facing emotional stress and difficulties. She volunteers with an NGO in the field of mental health. She has completed her Masters in Psychology (Specialization in Abnormal Psychology) from the University of Calcutta, undergone training in Family and Couples Therapy, Life Skills Education, TA 101 and currently undergoing the Level 1 Clinical Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. For the past 7 years she had been managing the blog Pottsandpan that aimed to discuss the changing perception of marriage, love and relationships. She’s a Champion of the SHEROES Love, Sex and Relationships community providing emotional support to women and helping them deal with their personal issues.

Rwituja is also a professionally trained blogger; content writer and product reviewer. She has over 13 years of Project Management experience with a clear understanding of the arts and entrepreneurship within the creative sectors in India.