Let’s Face It, men like independent, successful women as long as they are not their wives!

Most often, even though single women don’t make a concerted effort, they’re open to giving Mr Right a shot if he happens to come along. The Girl is an established professional, well-travelled and very independent. She is someone who can throw her head back and have a good laugh, believes life is an adventure and there are

Dating Rules: 16 things you should STOP doing today!

Let’s Face It, the rules for dating have changed drastically and one must (un)learn and (re)learn the new rules to be in the game! Wise Man is an entrepreneur, teacher, marketing and digital media expert. He shares his views on what not to do when dating. ****************************** Over the years, I have been in some really wonderful (and

Pets in your marriage

Anmol George, is a freelance designer, dreamer, who loves traveling the planet & is a self-proclaimed foodie 🙂 She’s a foster mom to 6 divine beings, is a part-time home maker and full time dog lover. She says, “I love all animals, it’s just that dogs show it back. And I’m deeply inspired by Greek philosopher Plutarch’s