Should you adjust or compromise?

Life is dynamic with changes happening continuously. Unfortunately, no one likes changes. We may make peace with it, react to it with displeasure or cope with it to the best of our abilities. But it always leaves us feeling unsure, perhaps bitter or dissatisfied with an emptiness within of having lost a way of life. Most

The First Lady

Arguably the most important person in the husband’s life and thereby in one’s married life – the ‘mother-in-law’ whom I’d like to address as the First Lady of the house! I’d heard much about my MIL (mother-in-law) before the wedding – but of course soon realized that nothing can ever prepare you enough to face the real

Myths about Marriage

Myth: You must find the ‘right’ person to marry. Reality: Success in marriage is more than finding the ‘right’ person; it is being the ‘right’ person. Myth: Until a person finds the ‘perfect’ person to marry, he or she should not be satisfied. Reality: No one is perfect. Myth: You should feel totally competent as