Pack your heart in a suitcase! And seal it with a kiss.

Let’s Face It, a long distance relationship challenges you on every front and a lot gets lost in between. But it’s important that you allow yourself to be tested by those waters. Here is a glimpse of Naomi and Sandeep’s simple and shared understanding of their relationship and how they’ve overcome the trials that long

Let’s Face It, common interests are not crucial in a marriage

This edition of Let’s Face It! features Chennai based freelance writer, Saritha Rao Rayachoti. She writes short fiction and is currently grappling with a novel, a messy house and a compulsive need to travel. Her articles on Indian culture are available at her blog http://saritharao.blogspot.in Pottsandpan (PP): As an author you’re constantly exploring relationships. In

Marriage is Not a 50-50 affair

I was recently reading the guide to intimate relations that Reader’s Digest had published in 1999 and it brought back memories. I was going through a rough patch some years ago – seriously questioning why I had married and what was making me stay in the marriage. That’s when a close friend said, ‘marriage is a 50-50