#Decoding Love

The concept of love has been one of the most baffling mysteries since time immemorial inspite of it being one of the basic requirement of our lives. A lot of people have tried to articulate the essence of love through their respective lenses and while there is a commonality of the concept, it’s still been differently expressed and understood. 

Love could be a sense of affection, a sense of care, a need to be with the person, a need to do things which will please the other person, physical attraction, a need to get to know your partner’s world and the list goes on. 

More than often, love is expressed as a feeling. Yes, love does have a huge element of the intangible, however, for us to be able to decode that and get clarity, it might be worthwhile to reflect on some of the following: 


·      What you mean when you say love?

·      How do you see, smell, taste, feel love?

·      How do you experience love?

·      When do you feel the most loved?


Here’s a scenario.… Maya and Aakash fell in love and got married. Maya wakes up early everyday to make breakfast, and loves doing things for him. Aakash who had been living on his own for a long time is used to doing things in a certain way. Maya begins to feel unhappy because Aakash doesn’t appreciate whatever she’s doing for him while he feels like she is encroaching.

As unique individuals, we have our own ways to show love but it might not be the way that our partner wants or expects. We might understand it in our own way but not in the way that our partner would like us to. There are certain things (actions, thoughts, behaviours) that might not be you or your style or be important to you. The questions then that need clarity are –


·      How much are you willing to make the effort to do it because it’s important to your partner?

·      How willing are you to move out of your comfort zone for your partner?

·      How open are you to relook at your own understanding because it’s important to your partner? 


Love is a culmination of all the different emotional aspects that we have decoded in this series. So as a conclusion, we would like to reiterate that whatever you ask for or want in a relationship, it’s important to sit and first detail it out for yourself and get some perspective as to exactly what are you looking for. Then sharing and communicating the same openly with your partner is a fundamental step towards building a healthy relationship.


(#Decoding Honesty / #Decoding Understanding / #Decoding Respect have been an attempt to explore in depth #MyLove #Decoding the qualities I seek in you. Please feel free to emailbrideandgloom@gmail.com if you would like to discuss further)

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