Who’s the better half?

It’s common knowledge to refer to each other as one’s ‘better half’ but what does it really mean?

Does it mean, you are not better? That there is a side of you that needs betterment? Or does it generally mean that the other person compliments your failings and drawbacks? They complete you as a person.

Or does it mean the ‘superior half of the married couple?’ Now, that could be a bone of contention. Ideally, there shouldn’t be a superior half but of course life’s not fair. Sometimes, one might get the upper hand in a situation while with some couples, it can be a norm! The feelings of superiority can be a means of proving that you’re right or it could be a way to protect yourself – a reflection of your deep-seated insecurity that you’re unable to accept and so manifests itself as the opposite.

Does the definition of better change over time? Perhaps it does as we grow and change as a couple.

Sometimes, it allows you to bask in self-pity when your failings catch people’s attention. It allows for fair acceptance and acknowledgement of your drawbacks in public domain. It also allows you to give a back-handed compliment to your spouse. And sometimes it allows you to be a tease.

Better halves make you look good, not always ‘fashionably’ good but they do add to your charm. They give ‘togetherness’ a new meaning. They balance your quirkiness and impulsiveness by bringing stability to your life. They can make the mundane livelier or can make it more acceptable when life’s dreary.

It’s of course, a lot of hard work, from both sides, to truly make your better half complete you as a person. It means you have to be open and humble – open enough to see your failing and humble enough to accept it. Simultaneously, it means open enough to see your spouse’s drawback and humble enough to fill in that gap. It could also mean, open enough to see their strength and humble enough to acknowledge it and add to its impact.

So, ideally, whichever way you look at it, your better half is always better than you in all respects.

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